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00 Why should I use React Navigation for my React native apps?

How to navigate between screens with React native? why should I choose to React navigation to handle my routes?


Hello there, this is a new blog series about React navigation, in this series we are gonna see how to use correctly React navigation for real apps, and we are gonna see hot to create greatest effects and beautiful navigations for the real world. In one of my last projects I been working with some interesting modern concepts about navigation and I was make some thins that I think that maybe would be interesting share to all my students, so let's make some Amazing Navigation.

This chapter is the first, so we are gonna seen what is React Navigation and why should you use it how navigation system for all your React Native apps.

In a couple of words I have been using React Navigation almost 3 years for all my React native projects and is so amazing how I can handle my routes, make deep linking, handle themes and dispatch actions, in the version 5, they created a rebuild an instead a Navigation based in objects now is a navigation based components, and this is a super helpful because you can handle, and customize more you navigation.

Ok lets switch to the more common questions that we will cover in in this series:

What is React Navigation?

Is a library created to make more easy the routing system and navigation inside our React Native components

Why should I use React Navigation?

React Navigation is really a native navigation?

Can I make any custom effect with React Navigation?

What benefits I have using React Navigation and what kind of things can I make more easy with this library?

React navigation for real apps


Sensei of Karate-Do React Native

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